Center for Intercultural Dialogue

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue was established by the Council of Communication Associations at its March 2010 meeting.  The goal of the Center is to approach intercultural dialogue at two levels: to encourage research on the topic of intercultural dialogue, but to do so through bringing international scholars interested in the topic together in shared intercultural dialogues about their work.

Director, Center for Intercultural Dialogue
Dr. Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

To facilitate connections among Communication scholars studying intercultural dialogue, as well as facilitate intercultural dialogue among Communication scholars throughout the discipline, by encouraging international collaborative research, serving as a source for grants, and serving as a clearinghouse for information.

*To facilitate international collaborative research examining a wide range of intercultural dialogue contexts, in addition to intercultural communication more generally, and to aid in the dissemination of the results of such research.

*To help Communication scholars interested in intercultural research connect across national boundaries by creating a website to serve as a clearinghouse for both information and funding.

*To obtain funding and distribute micro grants for intercultural research so Communication scholars can travel in order to develop, or take advantage of existing, international research connections.

Intercultural dialogue
entails an exchange of views between individuals or groups having different ethnic, cultural, religious or linguistic backgrounds, requiring that participants listen to one another, but not that they end in agreement.

Intercultural research examines the systems of practices and meanings of any group and the impact of these cultural expectations on interaction between members of that group and others.