March 2008

Council of Communication Associations
March 3, 2008

Members Present:

Jan Dates, BCCA
Heather Birks, BEA
Barbara Hines, AEJMC
Judy Van Slyke Turk, ASJMC
Michael Haley, ICA
Charles Self, AEJMC
Patrice Buzzanell, ICA
Art Bochner, NCA
Roger Smitter, NCA
Linda Putnam, Guest

Introductions: Members introduced themselves.

Minutes of September 10, 2007, meeting were approved with minor corrections to names.

NRC Survey of Doctoral Programs Report: Linda Putnam reported that the results of the survey will be delayed until June of 2008. She learned that NRC will be looking at awards issued by associations in the compilation of faculty statistics. Putnam circulated a list of awards by association. It was agreed that each association should send Putnam a list of its awards by Friday, March 07, 2008.

CCA Task Force. At its September 2007 meeting, CCA appointed a task force to prepare a report that provides the frame for understanding the NRC survey results. In its first conference call, the group formed two subgroups:

Measures Group. The group prepared strategies to deal with explicit measures (data taken from the faculty report) as well as implicit data (rakings by faculty). The group plans to correlate these measures.

Baseline Data Group: The group will create a definition of a typical doctoral program in communication. Individual departments will be able to compare themselves to this profile.

It was noted that NRC representatives will attend meetings of professional associations to explain the outcomes. ICA has scheduled a session at its May conference. However, NRC does not see associations as its first audience. The audience is universities and students. All data will be released with the tools for understanding.

It was moved that CCA provide the core of financial support for a graduate student to assist in creating the final CCA report. The motion was approved unanimously.

ISI Project. A task force was formed to purpose journals for ISI consideration. The group decided to purpose five journals by April of 2008. A list of journals under consideration was circulated and discussed.

It was moved that CCA support travel to ISI offices for three persons. Mike Roloff of NCA and Linda Putnam of ICA were suggested. The motion was passed unanimously. It was agreed that the trip should occur near the time of the September CCA meeting.

Putnam requested that information about changes in the categorization of journals be sent to her no later than March 17.

Graduate Student Task Force for Fellowships. The group has yet to meet. Roger Smitter will convene the group.

Association for Business Communication. A motion to approve the Association of Business Communication for membership in the CCA was approved unanimously.

Updates of Association Activities. Each representative provided information about the activities of his or her association.


Follow up tasks:

1. Reconvene NRC task forces as needed to complete the projects. (Putnam and Smitter)

2. Arrange for ISI visit. (Putnam and Smitter)

3. Organize the Graduate Student Task Force for Fellowships. (Smitter)

4. Notify ABC of acceptance and dues expectations. (Smitter)