September 2012

September 2012 Minutes_rev

Council of Communication Associations September 10, 2012



  • American Journalism Historians Association (AJHA)

    Fred Blevens, Past President, AJHA, Florida International University

  • Association for Business Communication (ABC)
    Jim Dubinsky, Executive Director, ABC; Virginia Tech University
  • Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC) Association of Schools of Journalism & Mass Communication (ASJMC) Linda Steiner, President, AEJMC
  • Black College Communication Association (BCCA) Jan Dates, Howard University
  • Broadcast Education Association (BEA)
    Greg Newton, President, BEA, Ohio University
    Mary Schaffer, VP Academic Affairs, BEA, California State University, Northridge Heather Birks, (CCA ED) Executive Director, BEA
  • International Communication Association (ICA) Michael Haley, Executive Director, ICA
    John Paul Gutierrez, ICA
  • National Communication Association (NCA) Kathie Turner, President, NCA
    Nancy Kidd, Executive Director, NCA
    Trevor Parry-Giles, NCA

    Rachel Shea, NCA

  • Guests:

o Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Center for Intercultural Dialogue, Micro-Grants Project (Call-in) o Concetta Seminara, Taylor & Francis

Call to Order & Introductions – Linda Steiner, Chair

  • Introductions
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Acceptance of minutes of March 5, 2012

    CCA’s 501(c)(3) Status –Heather Birks reported that CCA finally became a 501c3 in June, 2012. In April, 2012 she finally received the final questions and additional material request from the IRS in order to complete the CCA 501c3 application process. Heather reminded CCA that the initial 501c3 application was submitted to the IRS in early August and we were told that in 6-8 weeks the IRS would send a follow-up letter with additional questions and clarifications. However, the follow-up request wasn’t received until April, 2012. Heather compiled answers to an additional set of questions and provided supporting documents, sent it to Patrice Buzzanell, Linda Steiner, Fred Blevens and Wendy Leeds- Hurwitz for input and returned the application to the IRS. In June, 2012 CCA received word that the

application was accepted and 501c3 status was granted. Heather agreed to keep track of accounting and paperwork for CCA.

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue – CID Director, Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, continues to travel and develop international contacts for the Center. Wendy met with those members of the Center’s advisory board who attended ICA in May, as well as then President of the Council, Linda Steiner, who requested a revision to the Center’s mission and objectives. The Advisory Board approved revisions in June, and Linda approved them on behalf of the Council in June. Note that CID is intended to support both research into intercultural dialogues by communication scholars, as well as intercultural dialogues between communication scholars more broadly.

New CID Mission Statement:

To facilitate connections between Communication scholars interested in intercultural dialogue by encouraging international collaborative research, serving as a source for grants, and as a clearinghouse for information.


*To facilitate international collaborative research examining a wide range of intercultural dialogue contexts, in addition to intercultural communication more generally, and to aid in the dissemination of the results of such research.
*To help Communication scholars interested in intercultural research connect across national boundaries by creating a website to serve as a clearinghouse for both information and funding. *To obtain funding and distribute micro grants for intercultural research so Communication scholars can travel in order to develop, or take advantage of existing, international research connections.

With CCA’s new 501c3 status, Wendy will be able to approach potential partners and grant opportunities to move forward with the Center’s mission and goals. She had been on hold while the application was going through the approval process and is looking forward to progress that can finally be made.

Wendy reported that $5000 was set aside by NCA to be distributed as micro grants through the Center during fall 2012 (these funds did not require nonprofit status).

Discussion on CCA Website Content – Discussion regarding the best use of CCA’s website continued – i.e. ways to increase impact factor, links to calls for research, promote as a way for people to list events, research opportunities, etc.

ACTION ITEM: JP Gutierrez, with the support of Michael Haley, agreed to take over the CCA website and had some ideas on improvement. Heather will provide JP with the login and password for the site so he can begin to make modifications.

Updates on: The NRC Doctoral Survey, ISI Rankings, the Task Force on Humanities Quality Indicators –

Linda Putnam

Linda Putnam, submitted a written report and talked about how far we have progressed with the ISI rankings and that we need to make sure we maintain the collective voice. There was discussion about

the last time Jim Testa attended a CCA meeting (in 2007) and Linda said it is time to bring him back to CCA to answer questions and clear up questions for the group. The entire group agreed. The discussion continued about the moratorium on nominations – and a reminder that there are only three (3) times to put up a journal. To control their volume and make sure people are serious, they (NRC) set up a moratorium on the process.

CCA continued a discussion regarding of humanities journals (how they are valued, quality indicators, how they are selected for ISI, etc.), as well as gaps in the Communication list in journals (especially journal that focus on gender, race, ethnicity), and open access journals. The consensus was that getting Jim Testa in to speak to the group would be the best descision.

ACTION ITEM: Linda Putnam will get in touch with Jim Testa and invite him to the March 4, 2013 CCA Meeting.

Discussion followed about the Humanities Task Force. It was reported that the task force had taken a brief hiatus after a series of conference calls. Fred Blevens, as part of the committee offered to get the Task Force back on track with a call before the March CCA Meeting. A follow-up call with the Task Force would be crucial in particular if we were to have Jim Testa in the meeting to discuss issues.

ACTION ITEM: Fred Blevens will initiate a Humanities Task Force call. Heather will work with him in getting the names and contact information for the members.

Brief discussion on the data that came out of the NRC doctoral survey and that the data was problematic. Use of the survey and the information that came from it continues.

Linda reports that Katherine Burton and Concetta Seminara of Routledge, Taylor & Francis have requested that our committee provide input to help them in preparing a document for Thomson regarding the need for breadth of coverage in Communication. It would focus on our current list, categorization of the journals included in areas of the field, list of journals not included from different areas of the field, and what is NOT communication, but included in the current list. It would include input from the division members in our associations about interdisciplinary journals that should be jointly listed as well as ones that should not.

Roundtable Discussion on Members Activities/News
ICA – Held 2012 conference in Phoenix. Annual convention in London in spring 2012.

NCA – Preparation for the convention in Orlando in November 2012.
BCCA – HBCUS event at Vanderbilt. The conference will be hosted by the Freedom Forum’s Diversity

Institute in Nashville.

AJHA – Raleigh for their convention and New Orleans in 2014. Onsite voting as a means to get people involved in elections.

ABC – Several regional conferences, held both internationally and domestic. They put $25,000 aside each year for research grants.

AEJMC – Held its centennial celebration in Chicago in August. 100 year history for AEJMC and the return to Chicago, which was a success.

ASJMC – ASJMC was taking a lead on supporting the Annual Survey of Journalism & Mass Communication – directed by Lee Becker, University of Georgia. The survey is a study re: geographic, jobs, diversity, education, salary of journalism and mass comma faculty, enrollments.

BEA – Deadline for the paper and panels submission to the 2013 convention is September 15th. Spotlight is Social Media in a Mass Media World with Evan Shapiro, Participant Media as the keynote speaker. BEA held its 2nd annual Thought Leadership Seminar with Warner Bros. in July 2012. Still pushing social community called BEA Connect – using it for division communication, regional communication and specific groups.

Update on T&F Projects – Concetta Seminara, Taylor & Francis
Concetta reported that Routledge projects previously discussed have been put on hold. The latest project T&F was discussing – ROJo – Routledge Online Journalism – was the most recent project in early development. Routledge is currently looking at company standard policy regarding open access options/opportunities for journals.

New Business

Election of the 2013 CCA Chair: Fred Blevens, AJHA – nominated and accepted.
Election of the 2013 CCA Vice-Chair: Greg Newton, BEA – nominated and accepted.
Election of the 2013-2015 CCA Executive Director: Jim Dubinsky – nominated and accepted.
NOTE: Heather Birks agreed to keep track of accounting and paperwork for CCA and JP Gutierrez agreed to take over the maintenance of the CCA website.

Next meeting Monday, March 4, 2013. Adjorn.


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