September 2014

Council of Communication Associations (CCA) September 22, 2014

Present: Heather Birks, John Allen Hendricks, Barry Umansky, and Greg Newton (BEA); Jim Dubinsky (ABC); Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz (CID); Linda Putnam, Patrice Buzzanell,
JP Gutierrez (ICA), and Fred Blevens (AJHA)

9:30 Greg Newton called the meeting to order

We discussed and agreed upon the agenda:

  • Wendy’s CID report
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Finances
  • ISI
  • Bylaws and Constitution revision (viability of the organization)

∗ CID Report (Wendy)

  • ∗  Social media presence is going very well
  • ∗  Began publishing a series of one-page publications (Key Concepts in InterculturalDialogue) which have been frequently viewed and downloaded
  • ∗  Organized a conference in March 2014 at U of Macao on Intercultural Dialogue inAsia; plan to present two panels at NCA related to CID
  • ∗  Working on a Waterhouse Family Symposium at Villanova
  • ∗  [sorry, not quite – they asked me to nominate people for their fellowshipprogram]Edited UNESCO booklet (50 pages)–French and US designers for layout– on intercultural competence in 2013, which has been frequently downloaded from CID site

    CCA Committee

∗ Discussed future of CID should organization dissolve; CID would continue as an

independent organization

Financial Report:

  • ∗  $8356 currently in bank
  • ∗  No dues collected this year
  • ∗  Expenses were lowISI:
  • ∗  Linda Putnam asked about the ISI Taskforce
  • ∗  Discussed what ISI TF had accomplished: focused on raising awareness; had a keyrole in 15 journals being accepted into ISI, helped coordinate with publishers

CCA Minutes (June 2014) 2

  • ∗  Discussed the NCA report that Trevor P-G presented in September 2013, now on NCA website. Long discussion of the roles CCA played in gathering foundational data that helped shape the report. Jim volunteered to talk with NCA after receiving a proposed cover page from Linda and Patrice.
  • ∗  Talked about alternative metrics, TF data, etc. Future of CCA
  • ∗  Opened with what caused NCA and AEJMC to leave, focusing on dues, time involved in organization, potential liability/legal issues with CID
  • ∗  Focused on questions such as Why DC? How many meetings per year? Value of SKYPE? Leadership? Terms of office?
  • ∗  Public impact of Comm Orgs
  • ∗  Asked if we should focus on including other orgs?o SAGE, PRRSA, Media Ecology, Religious Comm, etc.
  • ∗  Discuss Open Access issues
  • ∗  Pondered our previous project related to ISI — Focus on Arts and Humanities,especially after Jim Testa has retired
  • ∗  Discussed potential of having foundations involved – Knight and Carnegie
  • ∗  In end, we realized that we did indeed have value as an organization. We put the question of viability of organization to a vote. Those gathered, constituting a quorum, voted to keep CCA.The remainder of the meeting was spent editing the Constitution and Bylaws. After much effort, we came to agreement on these documents and voted to accept them, with changes that would come later (via Greg).

    Agreed to meet again in spring in DC. Meeting adjourned.