ISI Journals – By Field

ISI Journal Communication JRC

Breakdown by Areas of the Field


September 22, 2014

Based on the 13 NRC Subcategories of the Field

Some journals cross several categories.


  1. Broadcast/Video Studies—2 journals
  2. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
  3. Television and New Media


  1. Communication Technology and New Media—9 journals
  2. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media


  1. Games and Culture
  2. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  3. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
  4. Information, Communication & Society
  5. International Journal of Mobile Communication
  6. New Media and Society
  7. Technical Communication
  8. Telecommunications Policy


  1. Critical and Cultural Studies—6 journals
  2. Communication and Critical Cultural Studies
  3. Continuum—Journal of Media and Cultural Studies
  4. Critical Discourse Studies
  5. Critical Studies in Media Communication
  6. Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy
  7. Media Culture & Society


  1. Gender, Race, Sexuality and Ethnicity in Communication—0 journals


  1. Health/Environmental Communication—3 journals
  2. Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture
  3. Health Communication
  4. Journal of Health Communication


  1. International and Intercultural Communication—3 journals
  2. Comunicar (in Spanish)
  3. Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy
  4. The Translator: Studies in Intercultural Communication


  1. Interpersonal Communication—5 journals
  2. International Journal of Conflict Management
  3. Interaction Studies
  4. Journal of Language and Social Psychology
  5. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
  6. Personal Relationships


  1. Language and Social Interaction—9 journals
  2. Critical Discourse Studies
  3. Discourse & Communication
  4. Discourse & Society
  5. Discourse Studies
  6. Research on Language and Social Interaction
  7. Language & Communication
  8. Narrative Inquiry
  9. Social Semiotics
  10. Text & Talk


  1. Journalism Studies—4 journals
  2. International Journal of Press-Politics
  3. Javnost-The Public
  4. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
  5. Journalism Studies
  6. Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism


  1. Mass Communication—10 journals
  2. Asian Journal of Communication
  3. Journal of African Media Studies
  4. Journal of Mass Media Ethics
  5. Journal of Media Economics
  6. Journal of Media Psychology: Theories, Methods and Applications
  7. Journal of SMPE—Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
  8. Mass Communication & Society
  9. Media Psychology
  10. Television & New Media
  11. Tijdschrift Voor Communicatiewetenschap (The Netherlands)
  12. Visual Communication


  1. Organizational Communication/Group Communication—4 journals
  2. Journal of Applied Communication Research
  3. Journal of Business and Technical Communication
  4. International Journal of Conflict Management
  5. Management Communication Quarterly


  1. Public Relations/Advertising—5 journals
  2. International Journal of Advertising
  3. Journal of Advertising
  4. Journal of Advertising Research
  5. Journal of Public Relations Research
  6. Public Relations Review


  1. Social Influence/Political Communication—5 journals
  2. International Journal of Public Opinion Research
  3. Political Communication
  4. Public Opinion Quarterly
  5. Public Understanding of Science
  6. Science Communication


  1. Speech, Rhetorical, and Performance Studies—4 journals
  2. Argumentation: An International Journal of Reasoning
  3. Quarterly Journal of Speech
  4. Rhetorical Society Quarterly


  1. General Communication Journals—8 journals
  2. Communication Monographs
  3. Communication Research
  4. Communication Theory
  5. European Journal of Communication
  6. Human Communication Research
  7. Journal of Communication
  8. International Journal of Communication
  9. Written Communication


Regional Journals in Communication—Communication studies focus on a country or regional of the world9  journals (overlap with other categories listed above)

  1. Asian Journal of Communication
  2. Chinese Journal of Communication
  3. Communications (German)
  4. Comunicar (Spanish)
  5. Ecquid Novi—African Journalism
  6. European Journal of Communication
  7. Journal of African Media Studies
  8. Media International Australia
  9. Tijdschrift Voor Communicatiewetenschap

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