Any membership association or society with substantial interest and concerns with the study and teaching of communication1 may apply for membership in the Council of Communication Associations.

Application for membership should be filed with the Executive Director not less than 30 days prior to the meeting of the CCA Board of Directors at which time the application is to be considered. The Board normally meets in the fall and spring each year. The Executive Director shall work with the applicant association or society to ensure all necessary justification is submitted to the Board of Directors. An applicant for membership should meet the following criteria:

• Be concerned primarily with research and teaching of communication .A member association should have a substantial proportion of researchers or teachers for its membership.

• Demonstrate that it has significant and distinctive intellectual focus or interdisciplinary concern beyond the purview of existing membership organizations.

• Be national or international, rather than regional, in its memberships.

• Demonstrate strength of the organization based upon the size of membership, length of life, financial stability, and other clear evidence of durability.

• Be active, as demonstrated by regular meetings, by promotion of teaching or research, or by issuance of scholarly publication.

1 The term “communication ” is used here to encompass the breadth of definitions articulated by the member organizations.